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What’s Cabling Got To Do With It?

What GI's Core Infrastructure team does

From cabling to security access...

Nick breaks down exactly what GI's Core Infrastructure Team is all about.

The Breakdown:

  • What is Core Infrastructure?

    General Informatics' Core Infrastructure team focuses on the installation of structured cabling systems for your building, including access control and CCTV. 

  • Tell us more about Network Infrastructure.

    In today's world, every building or office needs to allow users access to their devices through hard-wired and/or wireless networks. As such, GI'S Core Infrastructure team can survey a building's landscape and build a wired and/or wireless network that ensures high-speed connectivity. 

  • GI offers Physical Access and Security services?

    GI's specializations go beyond cybersecurity and include many physical access and security offerings. Our Core Infrastructure team can install security cameras throughout your building and include options such as facial and license plate recognition. However, that's not all there is to a safe building. With badge access control, it is easy to monitor and protect those who enter and leave your building.

  • Biggest takeaway?

    General Informatics is here to help you with all-things-technology. Through our wide array of services and product offerings, we are the one-stop-shop provider that can take care of your business's technology. 

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