Thermal Checkpoint Body Temperature Screening

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Protect your team with a smart first line of defense.

Thermal imaging solutions for body temperature screening can quickly and accurately identify people with elevated body temperatures, one of the key symptoms of COVID-19, before they enter a facility.

As businesses, schools, and government offices prepare for a return to normal staffing and operations, thermal body temperature screening is adding an extra layer of protection against coronavirus exposure.

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Safe, Non-Contact Measurement
Handheld thermometers require close contact with a person who is potentially infected and increase the risk of cross infections. Thermal body temperature measurement can accurately detect an individual's temperature from up to 10 feet away — no contact required.
Automatic Detection & Alerts
The body temperature checkpoint automatically detects if a person entering a building has a higher-than-normal body temperature and triggers an alert. It monitors temperature even when people use face accessories & headwear, and rejects false positives like hot drinks.
10x faster than handheld Temperature Screening
The thermal checkpoint can accurately measure the body temperature of up to 30 people every second. A forehead thermometer takes at least three seconds to measure a single person.
Industry Leading Accuracy
General Informatics thermal body temperature measurement solutions meet the strict requirement of +/-0.3℃ which is certified internationally for measuring human skin temperature.
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Safe. Accurate. Efficient.

With high accuracy, high efficiency, strong adaptability and easy deployment, our Thermal Checkpoint Solution can also be applied to all kinds of entrances and exits for offices, hospitals and schools.

Thermal Temperature Station

For Low-Traffic Areas

Keep operations running smoothly with fast, non-contact temperature measurement stations.

  • Ultra fast measurement: 0.2 seconds/person
  • 6 foot temperature detection range – no contact required.
  • Accurate temperature detection (+/- 0.5˚ C)
  • Built-in AI also works for mask/no-mask detection.

Easy to install and relocate with options for free standing or desktop stations. Just plug in to power and done!

Prepare. Prevent. Protect.

With highly accurate built-in AI, thermal checkpoints can monitor multiple people from up to a 10 ft. distance, enabling fast & non-contact measurement.

Contact us today to learn more about thermal screening solutions.

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