The “Why” Behind General Informatics’s POD Model

Discover how General Informatics's unique POD model has a heightened value of relationships and results in transformative IT support.

With technology impacting every level of your business operations, it can be a catalyst for innovation and a complex challenge to manage. When working with an outsourced IT department, establishing a trusting relationship with your managed services provider can be a game-changer to your operations. 

Empowering Relationships and Efficiency

At General Informatics, we recognize the value of investing in our clients the way they invest in us. We accomplish this through our POD model of service delivery; in which a team is assigned to your organization specifically, so you and your employees will regularly engage with the same people from General Informatics. This team plays a pivotal role in handling day-to-day support calls and resolving technical requests, fostering a dynamic bond that functions as an extension of their IT department. By adopting this POD Model, this is one of the ways we take proactive measures in building strong, mutually trusting relationships with those we serve.  

From Reactive to Proactive: A POD Approach to Strategic Support

One of the key advantages of General Informatics’s POD Model is that it cultivates an in-depth understanding of your business. Their background knowledge encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the hardware, software, network systems, and security measures that form the backbone of the company’s IT ecosystem.  

Equipped with background knowledge on your unique IT business challenges and strategic goals, this POD team extends beyond standard support needs to anticipate your needs and identify potential issues before they escalate. This proactive approach ensures that your needs are addressed swiftly, but also strategically informed to address your organization’s specific needs 

Familiarity Breeds Efficiency

When it comes to your technology, there is no time to waste; whether it is troubleshooting an internal roadblock that is holding up your day-to-day activities, or if it is responding to a security breach of sensitive information. This reality means that familiarity with your business is of peak importance to maintain business continuity. Through the POD model, the people of your organization will be engaging with the same team of people, who already have this familiarity with your network’s configurations and operational rhythms, and they can respond to threats more quickly and efficiently.  

Enhanced Trust and Communication

In any partnership, trust is an essential component, increasingly so in the realm of IT solutions, where confidentiality is paramount. Working consistently with the same group of people fosters a level of trust that encourages open, honest communication, ensuring that your business is not only protected but also prepared for the future. This standard of transparency in communication and mutual trust assures that your business consistently receives customized guidance and the most efficient IT support.  

Seamless Growth and Scalability

Business growth and transformation are inevitable, making it crucial to adapt successfully to new technology to achieve your business goals. By establishing a dedicated team—your POD—that immerses itself deeply in the nuances of your business, you gain not just service providers but strategic allies. These professionals become intimately familiar with every facet of your IT infrastructure, enabling them to support your business’s growth and transformation efforts effectively. 

Through this partnership with General Informatics, you stand with a team that is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way through every environment, making the process of enhancing or modifying your IT strategies much more seamless. Furthermore, this strategic approach to support is invaluable for upholding industry regulations. 

Beyond Support: Elevating IT Services Through Personal Connections

The value of a sustained relationship with your IT provider cannot be understated. At General Informatics, we take pride in this unique and tailored approach because we recognize the power of positive relationships on organizations of every size and sector. With a heightened value to the relationship aspect, your business is not seen as another label we support, but rather your business is seen as a collection of people, people our team members know by name. Contact us below to get in touch with one of our IT services professionals and discover how General Informatics can best serve your business.  

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Dustin Landry serves as the Chief Technology Officer at General Informatics. His experience has been involved in supporting the design, development, and support of cloud infrastructures, implementing large-scale cloud, networking, cybersecurity, and virtualization platforms. Dustin is highly skilled in leading engineering, development, and support teams. As CTO, he manages General Informatics large scale private cloud Infrastructure, as well as the backup and replication infrastructure that spans multiple data centers across different regions, maintains all internal toolsets used to manage clients, as well as oversees its implementation and projects team.

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The “Why” Behind General Informatics’s POD Model

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