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Technology Turnaround Brings Healthcare Conglomerate Back to Financial Growth

  • Client: Health Care Options, a home health care provider, has more than 20 years of experience in the home health care industry, earning a reputation as an industry leader. The company is dedicated to addressing and meeting the needs of individuals on the fringes of life.
  • Situation: In the past, different vendors set up infrastructure, phone systems, networking, and applications.  As a result, each pointed fingers at the other for everyday failures. This led to Health Care Options losing faith in the system. Further, revenues started declining due to bad information processing, and there was a complete failure of technology leadership.
  • Solution: General Informatics set up a 90-day rehabilitation program, clearly identifying each aspect of technology. Multiple General Informatics teams addressed different aspects of the business such as: networking, WAN connectivity, telephony issues, Wi-Fi connectivity, Line of Business applications and user training on those applications.
  • Benefit: The broken elements of the existing infrastructure were replaced — greatly enhancing the reliability and user’s trust. New LOB applications were introduced with successful data migration, building user confidence. The telephony across 6 sites was optimized, and General Informatics provided a virtual CIO to create a direction and foundation for the technologies to bring back financial growth to the company.

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