MediSYS partners with General Informatics to elevate their cybersecurity and IT infrastructure through tailored managed services

Empowering strategic planning and business development through custom technology solutions.

With objectives aimed at enhancing efficiency, bolstering security, and enabling a flexible IT infrastructure, MediSYS partnered with General Informatics to elevate their technology strategy.


A Strategic Partnership to Improve Service Levels and Response Times

MediSYS, a forward-thinking provider of integrated medical technology solutions, faced significant challenges with their previous IT service provider failing to deliver the necessary support and expertise required for their complex infrastructure. With solutions ranging from practice and revenue cycle management to patient billing and electronic health records, MediSYS needed a true technology partner to ensure their clients’ needs are at the forefront of strategic technology planning.

Identifying these challenges as a critical opportunity for growth, MediSYS sought the help of General Informatics to partner on technology initiatives that align with their vision and goals.

General Informatics’ service delivery model includes a POD system, in which MediSYS works closely with a team of engineers dedicated to understanding and documenting the organization’s intricate systems. This team plays a crucial role in managing tickets and addressing technical requests, creating a dynamic relationship that acts more as an extension of their IT team.  Armed with the background knowledge of their IT infrastructure and current projects, this POD can quickly provide an enhanced quality of service delivery.

Strengthening Cybersecurity Framework with Tailored Solutions

In the realm of healthcare, ensuring the security of sensitive patient data is of the utmost importance. Recognizing the growing threats in the cybersecurity landscape, MediSYS partnered with General Informatics to implement and manage several layers of their ThreatWatch 365 and ServerWatch solutions, tailored to meet MediSYS’s unique needs. The adoption of cutting-edge firewalls and robust endpoint protection formed the frontline defense, safeguarding the perimeter and endpoints against unauthorized access and malicious activities.  

Recognizing that human error often serves as a gateway for cyber threats, a strict password policy, along with multi-factor authentication (MFA) was implemented to significantly lower the risk of compromise.

Together, these initiatives help protect against increasing cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of patient information in alignment with healthcare compliance regulations. This comprehensive approach not only strengthened MediSYS’s defenses, but also fostered a culture of security awareness across the organization, integrating cybersecurity into their daily operations.

The fact that we have a POD, a couple of employees that we know, versus having a call center where somebody who maybe just got hired yesterday is looking through the knowledge base trying to figure out our super complex infrastructure. Having that knowledgeable expert support that knows what we're talking about and not having to start over and explain things.

Administration Department Manager, MediSYS

"As a department manager, wearing a lot of hats, this support has given me the ability to focus on other things that help develop and grow the business. It’s been great and really easy to work with everybody at General Informatics."

Administration Department Manager, MediSYS

Adapting IT Infrastructure for Business Growth and Flexibility

For MediSYS, their service selection and client base are ever-expanding. This dynamic growth led to partnership with General Informatics, aiming to develop an IT infrastructure that adapts alongside the organization’s business needs.

General Informatics has been at the forefront of supporting MediSYS through various server upgrades, which are critical for not only enhancing performance but also reliability and scalability. These upgrades are planned and executed to minimize downtime, supporting uninterrupted service delivery to MediSYS’s clients. This ongoing commitment to adaptability and performance is further underscored by General Informatics’ readiness to pivot and innovate in times of unforeseen challenges.

By deploying advanced network monitoring tools, General Informatics has enhanced visibility into MediSYS’s IT infrastructure. This proactive management approach ensures their network operates at peak efficiency, providing reliable access to the vital medical technologies that their clients depend on. This advanced monitoring through ServerWatch allows MediSYS to swiftly identify and resolve potential issues, a crucial step to maintaining uninterrupted service and operational excellence.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility in today’s dynamic healthcare environment, General Informatics established a robust infrastructure that supports remote work. This infrastructure is designed to grow alongside their business and support seamless collaboration.

In addition to supporting growth and flexibility, General Informatics implemented a comprehensive Backup 365 solution which safeguards MediSYS’s sensitive patient data, maintaining patient trust and compliance with regulatory standards.

For Rhonda Boatwright, Director of Practice Management, these services are critical in ensuring that patient and practice data is secure with little downtime. “Backups are extremely important for our business. Outside of the networking servers and backups for our employees, we house over 200 practices’ patient data on our servers. That’s where our clients store PHI, schedule patient appointments, file claims for reimbursement, send patient statements, and more. We couldn’t do without a backup, so we are grateful to have that,” said Rhonda.

Through these initiatives, General Informatics empowered MediSYS to not only keep pace with the demands of their growing business but also to forge ahead with confidence, knowing their IT infrastructure is resilient, scalable, and secure.

A Partnership driven by Growth, Security, and Excellence

The strategic partnership between MediSYS and General Informatics demonstrates the transformational impact of a technology partnership; one that goes beyond support tickets and hardware provision. The MediSYS leadership team is empowered to concentrate on strategic planning and foundational organizational objectives, confident their daily IT needs are expertly managed by General Informatics.

“As a department manager, wearing a lot of hats, this support has given me the ability to focus on other things that help develop and grow the business. It’s been great and really easy to work with everybody at General Informatics.” – Trawick Ellis, Administration Department Manager

MediSYS’s journey with General Informatics serves as an example of how investing in cutting-edge technology solutions can lead to improved efficiency and ultimately better patient care.

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