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General Informatics delivers tailored, cost-effective IT solutions to support the evolving needs of a city in Alabama.

Transforming Technology for the Growing City of Anniston

The City of Anniston, Alabama, is elevating its technological capabilities through an innovative partnership with General Informatics. Nestled in the state’s rural heartland, Anniston is setting a new standard for municipal innovation and efficiency. With a foundation of trust and transparency, the city’s partnership with General Informatics is transforming their technology strategy.  

Project Highlights

Customized IT Solutions: Tailored technology strategies to fit Anniston’s unique needs
Cost-Effective Services: Budget-friendly IT support without compromising security and quality
Enhanced Connectivity: Improved infrastructure across the city
Scalable Technology: Flexible solutions that grow with the city’s requirements

Leveraging Strategic IT Partnerships for Development

Prior to working with General Informatics, the City of Anniston was challenged to keep up with the latest in technology.  From museums to community centers and fire departments, an outdated IT infrastructure was limiting the city’s operational efficiency and ability to serve their community. Their previous IT partner did not have a clearly defined service level agreement (SLA), which resulted in irregular and unpredictable support times. This lack of structure and reliability in their support services led to numerous inefficiencies, causing delays and frustration. The rural city was also challenged with balancing advanced IT needs while remaining fiscally responsible to its citizens.

Recognizing these challenges as an opportunity for growth, General Informatics emerged as a holistic IT solution for the City of Anniston, covering every aspect of their technology requirements. The partnership extends across comprehensive network support, intricate cabling infrastructure, monitoring services, strategic hardware purchases, and meticulous management of servers and security systems. General Informatics proved valuable in enhancing the support they currently had, offering Anniston’s onsite engineer the advantage of leaning on an expanded team of experts.

Understanding the importance of transparency and a unified IT strategy, the City of Anniston aimed to streamline how IT issues were reported and resolved. To address this, General Informatics introduced a centralized ticket management process and clearly defined SLA.

With better records and documentation strategies, recurring problems were quickly identified and addressed.

“The staff at General Informatics has been incredible since day one. John Piatt has been supporting the City of Anniston for eight years. The transition to General Informatics has outstandingly supported our growing needs. Whether supporting our day-to-day operations at 17 locations throughout the city, our network management, or working with our vendors when problems arise, GI has always been out front of every issue 24/7. The city depends on GI for all our IT needs, and we have never been disappointed."

Public Works Director, City of Anniston

Advanced IT Infrastructure That Keeps Anniston Running

General Informatics serves as the technology backbone for the City of Anniston, providing a partnership that ensures their infrastructure remains not only highly functional but also forward-thinking. With this comprehensive approach to IT strategy, General Informatics addresses technology needs from the smallest municipal office to larger community centers with precision and proactive solutions.

The enhanced visibility into IT issues revealed the need for more robust and advanced solutions within the city’s infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of proactive protection and optimal network performance for a growing city, Anniston made strategic investments in updated Fortinet hardware. This new equipment not only provided increased confidence in their systems but allowed General Informatics an increased level of support with more efficient and connected systems.

This partnership is based on the trust that General Informatics has the best interest of the city at heart. With several CJIS certified professionals on the team, this allows GI to provide the essential support to keep the city’s operations running smoothly across all departments.

Since transitioning to GI, the core infrastructure team has equipped the fire department, police department, museums, public works department, and more with cutting-edge IT hardware and support, providing them with the essential tools to serve our community more efficiently. The scope of General Informatics’ technology solutions impacts the operational efficiency and reliability for many of Anniston’s critical departments.

Recently, General Informatics has modernized Anniston’s communication strategies through advanced phone systems. Offering advanced features and improved reliability, this modernization effort has transformed how departments communicate with each other and within the community. This advancement in communication also extends to emergency services, by integrating secure MiFi technology into police cars where access was traditionally limited to VPNs, Anniston officers can access information more swiftly, enhancing their response times and efficiency.


“The city has invested in their infrastructure, be it virtualization or networking, because that allows GI to do a better job for them. Our role in this partnership is to make recommendations, and most of the time, they act on those recommendations so GI can be more effective on a day-to-day basis, integrating technologies together and within different sites to service the whole city in a more robust and expanded way.”

Senior Engineer, General Informatics

Anniston is now equipped with a modern and secure technology infrastructure that supports their current and future needs. This has enabled the city to become more efficient, innovative, and responsive to the needs of its citizens.

Achieving Resourceful IT Planning

Balancing budget constraints is a significant challenge for any state or local government agency aiming to build the IT infrastructure of tomorrow. This involves not only careful financial planning but also strategic technology lifecycle management. General Informatics collaborates closely with Anniston leaders to develop comprehensive technology plans spanning one, three, and five years, ensuring that each phase of development aligns with both current capabilities and future goals.

This strategic approach ensures that budget requests and recommendations align with the long-term vision in mind, allowing for more effective resource allocation and better preparation for future technological advancements. By anticipating needs and trends, the city could stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

The partnership between the City of Anniston, Alabama, and General Informatics exemplifies how strategic IT management can revolutionize the operational efficiency in the public sector. By implementing cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to the unique needs of the community, General Informatics not only enhanced departmental efficiencies across the board but also established a model of fiscal responsibility and forward-thinking planning.

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