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Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity training with simulated phishing.

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Engaging, Interactive Courses

Succinct, easily consumed courses increase employee attentiveness and the overall effectiveness of cyber security education programs. More than 60 of our current training courses take 10 minutes or less to complete and all involve the employee by being informative and interactive.

Regulatory Compliance Included

Does your business take credit card payments? Is it part of a regulated industry? Then it’s necessary to educate employees to avoid being fined (or worse). Security Awareness Training includes compliance training at no extra cost for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.

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Powerful Phishing Simulator

We offer 200+ phishing templates adapted from real-world attacks which can be targeted and scheduled realistically to let you test and measure employee vulnerability to the leading cause of data breaches: email-based phishing. Our built-in editor lets you modify or create email and landing pages using dynamic variables so you can customize phishing simulations that match your business context to challenge even the savviest users.

Exclusive add-on services:

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SIEM Offering with SOC

Cybersecurity Webinar Series

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