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Connect 365 Connectivity

With Connect 365, enjoy dedicated connectivity into the GI Private Cloud. Issues of latency are no longer a concern, regardless of where you are in the state of Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama.  As a major provider of mission critical systems out of our private cloud, it stands to reason that the level of redundancy and high availability is part of our requirement. 

Connections outside of the southeast are available upon request.

Internet 365

With Internet 365, our customers enjoy high-speed internet connectivity that has been made highly redundant through our robustly engineered network of backbone internet service providers.  This connectivity can be utilized to just browse the web or connect to any of services in our private cloud.  

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BGP Dedicated Service

When loss of connectivity to the internet or to a hosted system within your environment is not acceptable, you need a failover mechanism that allows you the ability to elegantly shift from one internet provider to another.  GI has created a cost-effective way to provide this type of failover to our customers without the need to procure expensive systems that must be maintained 24/7.

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