Data Analytics as a Service

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empower visibility and decision making


Imagine having access to advanced data analytics that predict key performance indicators for your business — every customer interaction, every moving part in your supply chain, and every financial transaction — anywhere in the world.

Now imagine predictive analytics gives you the power to react to events before they happen such as improving safety, predicting the impact of business changes, and faster financial forecasting.  

What could you do with a data architecture that transforms all this information in real-time? With General Informatics’ Data Analytics-as-a-Service (DAaaS) solution, you can automate data accumulation, simplify data access, improve operational visibility, and enable fact-based decision making—all from a single platform.

Automate Data Accumulation

The solution takes siloed systems and provides the ability to import, integrate, and analyze key data sets

Simplify Data Access

New and powerful reporting capabilities with simple and easy access 

Improve Operational Visibility

Robust shared and custom dashboards to clearly visualize the data behind your operations

Unlock the value of your data

Data Reporting

Our expertise in Microsoft Analytics Architecture allows us to leverage Azure Synapse Analytics, which combines data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics

Data Architecture

Combine your critical data sources with General Informatics' machine learning tools to create custom models that can be deployed at scale

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Let's transform your business decision making

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