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Fortress 365

Cyber security solutions built to protect your business.

Fortress 365 cybersecurity solutions go beyond standard security practices to ensure your business is prepared to stand up to cyber attacks. 


By focusing on the earliest phases of an attack, our experts will ensure your organization or business is safe from Business Email Compromise with preemptive discovery of phishing attempts.


Train your team to recognize and avoid phishing scams and ransomware through engaging and interactive courses. Furthermore, we will test your team’s progress with simulated attacks.


Our experts will ensure security best practices are being met across all your PC’s, servers, and firewall.  We will keep hackers at bay with automatic software patching and intrusion detection.

Advanced Email Security

By focusing on the earliest stages of an attack, we can stop phish — the root cause of 95% of breaches.

Fortress 365 - Advanced Email Security

Stops phishing & ransomware attacks in their tracks.

With Fortress 365 — Advanced Email Security, you can expect: 

  • Preemptive discovery of phishing campaigns and infrastructure an average of 24 days before campaign launch.
  • Comprehensive phishing protection across all threat vectors (email, web, network) and attack surface areas.
$ 0 B

In actual U.S. business losses from business email compromise (BEC) scams exploiting cloud-based email.

$ 0 M

Average wire transfer amount one Russian BEC operation targeted per attack.

0 %

Increase of BEC attacks 2019 – resulting in substantial financial losses.

A Phishing Risk Assessment is deployed in minutes and gives you a custom-built, quantifiable view of:
  • Your biggest threats – such as missed BEC attacks
  • Specific examples of attack groups and indicators of compromise against your organization
  • The individuals who are most targeted by BEC and other malicious phish
  • Recommendations to bolster your domain configuration and email security 

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity training with simulated phishing.

Fortress 365
Fortress365 | GenInf

Engaging, Interactive Courses

Succinct, easily consumed courses increase employee attentiveness and the overall effectiveness of cyber security education programs. More than 60 of our current training courses take 10 minutes or less to complete and all involve the employee by being informative and interactive.

Security Awareness Training

Regulatory Compliance Included

Does your business take credit card payments? Is it part of a regulated industry? Then it’s necessary to educate employees to avoid being fined (or worse). Security Awareness Training includes compliance training at no extra cost for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.

Fortress 365 | GenInf

Powerful Phishing Simulator

We offer 200+ phishing templates adapted from real-world attacks which can be targeted and scheduled realistically to let you test and measure employee vulnerability to the leading cause of data breaches: email-based phishing. Our built-in editor lets you modify or create email and landing pages using dynamic variables so you can customize phishing simulations that match your business context to challenge even the savviest users.

Exclusive add-on services:

Fortress365 | GenInf

SIEM Offering with SOC

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Managed Firewall

Secure your data without compromising performance.

Your network is the backbone of your business — it’s how you communicate, access, and share information. Whether you have a single office or multiple locations across the globe, you need a network that keeps your team connected while protecting your business against the latest security threats. Our experts will work with you to find a solution that will ensure your network is reliable, protected, and ready for the future.

Don't just detect breaches — prevent them with a SonicWall next generation firewall solution.

Protect more, worry less with SonicWall

Real-Time Threat Protection

Stop ransomware, phishing attacks and viruses before they enter your network.

Content Filtering

Control access to unproductive and potentially harmful web content.

Advanced Security

Reduce the risk of downtime with enhanced network traffic visibility and troubleshooting.


Boost performance and reduce costs and complexity for distributed enterprises, SMBs, branch offices, school campuses and other public institutions.

NSA Series


Ensure the security, performance and scalability demanded by today’s enterpriseswith 10GB+ infrastructures.

Data Access and Security - Supermassive9000


Improve network performance and reliability with our Enterprise Grade switching solutions from top brands, including Dell and Brocade®.



Industry-leading Unified Threat Management for small businesses, retail deployments, distributed enterprises, remote sites and branch offices.

TZ Series

Transform your network

Meet the demands of your modern workforce with high performance, full-featured switches.


Deliver the bandwith needed to support IP communication, video conferencing, and mobile apps.

Flexible Scalability

Increase network capacity and capability as your team grows and technologies change.

Minimize Risk

Reduce the risk of downtime with enhanced network traffic visibility and troubleshooting.

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