Service Spotlight: Backup365

Worry less about whether your data is stored correctly and securely, so you keep your focus on your business.

In an increasingly digital world, data is one of a business’s most valuable assets; protecting it from threats, from hackers to natural disasters, is a non-negotiable. Yet over 70% of businesses fail to back up their data properly, realizing this once it is too late. With General Informatics’ secure cloud service, Backup365, your data is always secure.

Why Backup365?

No Ransoms, Just Security: Ransomware attacks can cripple businesses, holding critical data hostage until a ransom is paid. With Backup365, this threat is eliminated. Should your business fall victim to a ransomware attack, you won’t have to pay a penny in ransoms. Backup365 allows you to immediately restore your data, getting you back to business as usual without delay.

Instant Data Restoration. Zero Delays: Mistakes happen—files get deleted, data gets lost.  But with Backup365, these issues are merely temporary interruptions. Our cloud backup service enables you to restore lost or deleted files and folders in just minutes, not days, saving you valuable time and preventing data loss from impacting your operations.

Offsite Backup for Complete Security: Threats to your data aren’t just digital; they can be physical too. Fires, floods, theft – these can all jeopardize onsite data storage. That’s why Backup365 offers offsite backup, ensuring your information is safe from all possible threats, no matter what happens at your physical location.

Advanced Data Protection & Compliance

Shield your data with advanced protection and multi-layer defense against viruses and hackers. Using CypherX technology, we ensure your data remains compliant with HIPPA, CJIS, and GLBA standards, providing both security and peace of mind.

Secure Remote Access

In the event of a fire or flood, Backup365 enables you to securely access backed-up files from your smartphone or tablet, allowing for uninterrupted business operations, no matter where you are.

Reliable Data Recovery & Always Up-to-Date

Guaranteed swift recovery. Our service automatically saves any changes to files or databases, keeping your backups current. In case of a disaster, our fast and reliable recovery system ensures your business operations continue running smoothly.

Never lose data again, just secure it.

At General Informatics, our team of experts has already helped over 800 businesses protect their data and eliminate downtime, and we’re here to provide the same level of protection for your business!

Click here to get in touch with one of our managed security service experts to discuss how your business can leverage Backup365. 

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Dustin Landry serves as the Chief Technology Officer at General Informatics. His experience has been involved in supporting the design, development, and support of cloud infrastructures, implementing large-scale cloud, networking, cybersecurity, and virtualization platforms. Dustin is highly skilled in leading engineering, development, and support teams. As CTO, he manages General Informatics large scale private cloud Infrastructure, as well as the backup and replication infrastructure that spans multiple data centers across different regions, maintains all internal toolsets used to manage clients, as well as oversees its implementation and projects team.

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Service Spotlight: Backup365

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