2020 Section 179 Deduction: Three ways to put your tax savings to work

Section 179 Guidelines

If you’ve been considering a tech refresh to keep up with the new normal of hybrid & remote teams – new laptops for work-from-home employees, upgrading your conference room, or a thermal screening solution for the office – now is the time to take advantage of tax cash flow savings.

Thanks to Internal Revenue Code Section 179, businesses can deduct up to $1 million in qualifying purchases from their 2020 income. If you’re not familiar with the Section 179 deduction, the guidelines are pretty straightforward:

Prepare Your Business For Another Successful Year

Make the most of the Section 179 deduction with technology that can help move your business forward in 2021.  Below we explore the top three technology investments to consider.

1. Upgrade to Windows 10 PCs or Laptops

If you still have computers running Windows 7, replacing these PCs should take top priority. Windows 7 reached end of support on January 14th, 2020. Continuing to run Windows 7 or even older operating systems makes you an easy target for hackers and viruses. Plus, old devices can take a serious toll on productivity. After about 3 years, PCs slow down substantially and become much more prone to failure.
Taking a proactive approach and replacing computers before they become a hindrance can save you time, money, and lots of frustration in the long run. Luckily, there are tons of great new PC options out there for any budget.

2. Create a Smarter (and COVID-safe) Meeting Room

For most offices, hybrid meetings with in-office and remote attendees have become the norm. But the technical difficulties caused by older conference room equipment can make meetings a recurring pain point.

The latest AV solutions – touch screens, HD cameras & room systems – make it easier to collaborate and keep meetings on schedule. For example, Teams Collaboration Displays bring together video conferencing, digital whiteboard and presenting in an easy-to-use touchscreen display. Additionally, with built-in cameras, speakers and microphones, everyone can be seen, heard, and actively participate in group discussions, whether they’re in the meeting room or joining from home.

3. Strengthen Your Network Security

With more hackers setting their sights on small and midsize businesses (ransomware incidents alone are up 715% in 2020), network security has never been more important. Further, with more employees working outside the office, businesses need to re-assess their security infrastructure to ensure data is protected no matter where employees are working.

Not sure how your security stacks up? Our team can help with a Security Health Check to identify and mitigate immediate security risks before they are exploited.

Need help with any or all of the above? 

Our consultants have helped 800+ businesses move their business forward with technology. We're here to do the same for you.

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2020 Section 179 Deduction: Three ways to put your tax savings to work

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