Revolutionizing Customer Success Through Strategic Problem-Solving

Harnessing the power of Customer Success Managers for organizational advancement: A strategy by General Informatics.

Anyone who chooses to collaborate with General Informatics recognizes the need for a technology partner. At General Informatics, our mission is to provide each client with the necessary tools and resources for success through the best use of technology. However, the question remains: how do we achieve and sustain this success? We understand there’s a gap in the industry that needs addressing. The managed services sector is rapidly expanding due to the constant evolution of technology and emerging risks.

The solution isn’t as simple as solving the issue and moving forward. It requires continuous monitoring, awareness, acknowledgment, and action. This is where our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) step in. At General Informatics, our team of dedicated professionals are committed to ensuring that our clients have a reliable resource to meet their needs and maintain their success.

What is value of a Customer Success Manager at General Informatics?  

At General Informatics, customer success is the difference between a company you use and a brand you love! The strategic value of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) is multi-faceted and immensely beneficial. The primary reason we employ CSMs is to boost the adoption of our products and services. They play an instrumental role in fostering and nurturing long-term relationships with each customer, ensuring their needs are met and expectations are exceeded. Additionally, a CSM serves as a constant point of contact for our clients, allowing us to continually share updates and offerings that would bring them the most value. Their role is not just about immediate problem-solving, but also about understanding and anticipating future needs, thereby contributing significantly to client growth and success.

Our Customer Success Managers achieve this outcome through a variety of targeted efforts tailored to each client. A key method utilized by our CSMs to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients is through Strategic Business Reviews, Bi-Weekly Huddles and Touch-Point Meetings. 

Strategic Business Reviews:

Strategic Business Reviews are a foundational piece in our service strategy at General Informatics. This involves our Customer Success Manager (CSM) taking a seat at the strategic table alongside key decision-makers and stakeholders from the clients organization. Here, the CSM poses critical questions like ‘What are your goals?’ ‘What challenges are you facing?’ ‘What kind of company are you aspiring to become and what’s hindering that transformation?’

This strategic role allows General Informatics to provide logical recommendations that are custom-tailored to each client, rather than merely pushing products. This type of conversation is a formal meeting typically scheduled in the clients’ third or fourth quarter. The purpose of the Strategic Business Review is to equip the client with any budgetary information they might need to prepare for the next fiscal year, incorporating our recommendations into their plan. During these reviews, the CSM presents pertinent content to the client, culminating in deliverables with clear, actionable items. This process ensures that our clients are fully supported and well-prepared to navigate the upcoming fiscal period with confidence.

Key Elements of Customer Success Managers:

  • Possesses a nurturing mindset
  • Adept at building relationships
  • Demonstrates empathy
  • Works on a non-commission basis 
  • Serves as an advocate for the client

Bi-Weekly Huddles:

Apart from Strategic Business Reviews, our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) at General Informatics ensure that clients’ needs are met through various other meeting formats. For instance, they hold monthly or bi-weekly huddles- an informal, tactical gathering designed to ensure smooth operations. These meetings provide a platform for clients to voice their questions, discuss their concerns, and express any areas that need attention.

Touch-Point Meetings: 

In addition to these, Touch-Point Meetings are another crucial aspect of our client engagement strategy. With a cadence set at twice a week or when needed, these meetings involve our CSMs physically visiting the client’s office. This face-to-face interaction not only strengthens the relationship with our clients but also adds a personal touch to our professional dealings, reinforcing our commitment to their success.

Accelerate your organization’s achievements: 

Whether it’s initiating a new product line, onboarding or offboarding employees, expanding to a new location, transitioning into a new office, or even acquiring a company, each of these complex processes involves making critical decisions. In each of these scenarios, technology plays a pivotal role. By leveraging the expertise of a Customer Success Manager (CSM), these intricate processes can be streamlined, making the decision-making process more manageable and efficient.

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Revolutionizing Customer Success Through Strategic Problem-Solving

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