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Professional IT Management Eliminates Downtime for Engineering Firm

This results summary focuses on how C-K Associates eliminates downtime, an issue that was costing them more than they realized.

  • Client: C-K Associates is an employee-owned, multi-media environmental consulting firm, serving the needs of industry across the Gulf South since 1981. Currently, there are offices in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Shreveport, and Houston, TX.
  • Situation: C-K Associates realized that with increased sophistication of their IT infrastructure, the current computer guys were not equipped to help the company grow. The network issues were constantly eating up management’s time and bringing down productivity. The astute CFO did the analysis and realized IT had become a bigger cost to the company than it appeared.
  • Solution: C-K Associates enrolled in the TotalCARE and Cloud programs. The TotalCARE team immediately standardized the operating environment across offices providing proper recommendations.  This included a SAN setup to allow growth in the company’s data. The email and backup services were migrated to Cloud infrastructure to ensure full up-time and minimization of risk.
  • Benefit: IT issues are a thing of the past because the new solution eliminates downtime, freeing up Engineers to focus on profitability, instead of worrying about computer problems. Email has not gone down, and the branch offices are able to communicate more smoothly with each other. Management does not waste time with fighting IT fires. Additionally, the costs to run IT were reduced.

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