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New Orleans Insurance Agency Decides to Become Hurricane Proof

  • Client: Established in 1954, Eagan Insurance Agency is one of the oldest, locally owned, independent insurance agencies in the New Orleans area. Inside its 5 locations, Eagan offers a comprehensive commercial property and casualty department, a vital personal lines division with a unit specializing in the affluent client, and an employee benefits arena.
  • Situation: After Hurricane Katrina, Mark Eagan realized in order for his insurance company to stay as the leading insurance provider their offices couldn’t be closed—even during hurricanes. After experimenting with branch office replications and reinforcing local infrastructure in New Orleans, Eagan decided to embrace the Cloud.
  • Solution: General Informatics created a hybrid Cloud solution for Eagan, moving their critical servers to a highly reliable and always available Cloud infrastructure. This ensured Eagan wouldn’t lose communications, and their clients would still be able to access their data online during evacuations or hurricanes. To balance the heavy printing and files services, a redundant Cloud storage infrastructure on-site was also used to speed up daily work performance.
  • Benefit: Eagan’s IT always stays up. The costs have been lower than any other solution such as a second site or on-site generators. The employees were not required to learn new software, and they continued to use their PCs as they had before. Instead of replacing aging servers and software, using significant capital infusion, Eagan chose to use a solution that can be 100% expensed for tax purposes.