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So you need a security migration...

If you were recently contacted by our representative(s) to begin migration of your security tools, see the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers to some of the things that may be on your mind. Please reach out to the representative who contacted you with any questions not answered here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Migration has several advantages, most importantly to provide you with the best level of support and experience possible. We are very proud of our new platform’s industry-leading ratings and ability to provide standard-setting security protections of endpoints, email, network detections, and correlation of information.

Several factors contribute to this which may include licensing, feature upgrades, and consolidation of tools.  General Informatics will migrate necessary customers to a new, secure platform. Cost to be determined based on your organization’s size and complexity.

While a large part of the heavy lifting will be done by General Informatics, we will need customers to be available to meet virtually or in-person, and facilitate changes needed for the migration effort. Coordination of work effort will be provided by General Informatics.

Customers should work with the representative who contacted them to schedule migration work before the April 15 deadline.

Most of the migration work will take place remotely but some components may require on-site visits.

Our Security Experts are here to protect your business

Aaron Lancaster

vCIO/vCISO, General Informatics

Aaron Lancaster is a security expert with a history of providing superior cybersecurity solutions to clients in numerous industries. With over 16 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and holds credentials that go beyond most in the industry.

 In his current role as General Informatics’ Information Security Officer, Aaron is responsible for leading General Informatics’ Security Consulting Practice. Prior to being acquired by General Informatics, Aaron served as the CEO and Founder of 1 Ping Security. 

Aaron Lancaster
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