File Explorer randomly closes

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Users states the File Explorer has been randomly closing throughout the day.  Any files they are currently open is closed and all Explorer windows are closed.

Product Applicability:
Windows OS

There are a bunch of things to try but the only permanent solution that has worked for me has to do with Group Policy Drive Mappings.

Change GPO to Update vs. Replace

I am suspecting the isssue is because I used Replace in the GOP option. Once the GPO kicks in, it destroys the connection, recreates the mapped drive with the new path, Any Explorer windows will close since that drive is unavailable for a point in time.

With that said, I will still use Replace in my GPO, but will only leave it for a few days in the system to catch all of the legacy systems that don’t  catch the update.

Below is a good explanation of what each option does.

I have seen this issue on and off for the past year or so and finally found this goodie.

As always, Please feel free to ask Wyatt our friendly AI bot or open a ticket and get live help by clicking on the following link – Get Support

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