Inside Look at GI's CSM Role

What is a CSM and what can they do for you for? 

What is General Informatics Customer Success Manager role? 

General Informatics’ Customer Success Manager is a non-commissioned resource that acts as a client advocate. 

How many CSM’s does General Informatics have? 

General Informatics’ currently has five CSM’s:
 Stephen Cavell
Chris Campbell
Haggai Davis
Cherita Taylor
Drew Gallmann

How are General Informatics’ CSM’s dispersed amongst clients? 

When a customer signs on and joins the GI Family, they are assigned a specific CSM. Each CSM is responsible for the health of that customer experience.

How does General Informatics’ CSM’s ensure our clients are taken care of? 

As a CSM, we meet regularly with the key decision makers and stakeholders. We want to understand what drives their business.

Clients’ goals change. How does General Informatics’ CSM’s approach that change? 

The services a company onboards with may not be aligned with their goals 5 years later. As a CSM, we focus on what services align with their vision and will help their growth.  

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