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how IT works: Episode 10

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General Informatics Ranked as Top 30 Baton Rouge Digital Agency

General Informatics is recognized as a Top 30 Baton Rouge …

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Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Holiday Shopping Season

Keep your personal and business data safe this Black Friday with General Informatics’ quick tips for a secure online shopping experience.

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Top 10 Tips for Teams

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Police Department Secures Information & Maximizes IT with Backup Solution

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BRAC Smart Office
BRAC Smart Office Transformation

Baton Rouge Area Chamber fuels regional growth with a Smart …

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The Future of Remote Work: A Boomer’s Guide to the New Frontier

Ah, the good old days. When “work” meant an 8-to-5 …

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LastPass Security Breach – What To Do Next

A security breach at LastPass has been reported – an alarming reminder of the importance to be vigilant when it comes to digital privacy.

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Meet Our CEO & President

Don Monistere

Don Monistere is an Entrepreneur, Published Author and Accomplished Executive.

Monistere is the CEO and President of General Informatics. Monistere joined the General Informatics team in 2020 and has been actively growing its reach since. General Informatics is one of the fastest growing IT services providers in the Southeast and is considered the leading IT partner for businesses, schools, government agencies, and for the financial and maritime industry.


how IT works: Episode 10

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