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HIPAA Security Analysis Ensures Healthcare Practice is in Compliance

Compliance with HIPAA’s privacy and security standards is essential and penalties for non-compliance are steep.  Read on to see how General Informatics ensured one of our clients was fully secure and compliant.

  • Need: A small healthcare practice required an information security risk assessment to ensure their practice was in compliance with Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs.


  • Method: General Informatics leveraged industry standard compliance guidelines and IT best practices in order to form a plan of action for performing the assessment. After development of the plan of action, General Informatics performed personnel interviews with the client and analyzed the client’s IT infrastructure, applications, and security policies to ascertain the client’s existing security posture.


  • Benefit: At the end of the engagement, GI presented the client with a comprehensive report detailing their current security posture.  The report also included a list of needed improvements and a detailed path to remediation of discovered issues.

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HIPAA Security Analysis Ensures Healthcare Practice is in Compliance

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