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GI Acquires TC Telecom

General Informatics, the leading Technology solutions firm based in Baton Rouge, announced that it has acquired assets of the local telecommunications company, TC Telecom, LLC. in an undisclosed agreement.

Since 2003, TC Telecom, a full-service telecommunications company has provided data, voice and video services to campuses and businesses all over Louisiana. With expertise in installing fiber-optic, low voltage and high-speed data network infrastructure, TC telecom brings the installation experience for General Informatics “Smart Buildings” practice. “We are excited to join the General Informatics family,” said TC Telecom President Denver Cassels.  “TC Telecom and General Informatics both believe in delivering excellence to our clients. This partnership will bring the synergy of our two teams to connect the physical world with software driven intelligence.”

General Informatics has redefined the role of IT for scores of businesses by providing business technology services under one roof more efficiently than running an in-house IT department. With the new assets, GI can now bring even higher efficiencies by connecting Security, access control, HVAC and lighting to the central IT system. Such a network is called IoT, or Internet of Things, as it allows machine to machine communications. “TC Telecom has been installing sensors and controls. Combined with our software and Cloud skills we can create truly connected Smart Buildings as we just did for our HQ at @Highland,” said Mohit ‘Mo’ Vij, CEO of General Informatics. “When one network can run everything, from IT, Phones, AV, Security cameras, Lights and Access control in an integrated manner, new processes can be enabled that can result in significant savings. As we add image recognition and artificial Intelligence based alerting and decision making to this network, it will become a game changer for our clients.”

With devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Voice, hobbyist Smart Home DIY kits are becoming popular. Commercial smart buildings are still far and few. With new standard, IoT is expected to change that over the next few years. IDC predicts IoT to become $500B industry by 2020.

About General Informatics

Since 2001, General Informatics has been creating innovative software for PC and mobile platforms. GI has simultaneously provided exceptional IT management and user support to 100s of businesses and government organizations across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. General Informatics headquarters are located in Baton Rouge, LA, with additional offices in Lafayette, New Orleans, and the San Francisco Bay Area. General Informatics is building its $20 million headquarters at the @Highland Campus in Baton Rouge.

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About General Informatics

General Informatics was founded in 2001 with a mission of making their clients even more successful through the best use of technology.

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