Firm Sets Up the Best Insurance Against Hurricanes by Moving to Private Cloud

  • Client: Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Louisiana (IIABL) is a full-service professional trade association maximizing business opportunities for member agencies.  They provide independent agents with advocacy in government and industry, education, resources, insurance markets, consumer relations, and agency support services.
  • Situation: As an essential conduit to insurance agents, it was imperative that IIABL had access to its information and data at all times. The servers that housed their data in the current office were at the mercy of weather, Internet providers and power companies.
  • Solution: IIABL migrated its servers and data along with the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to a private cloud. The onsite aging computers got a new lease on life working as dumb terminals. Additionally, IIABL employees now had the freedom to work from anywhere in a completely Cloud-based desktop environment.  Additionally, they had certainty that they would have full access at all times — no matter what.
  • Benefit: With the complete move to Private Cloud, IIABL doesn’t need to buy new equipment ever. They will always be up and running and will be able to work from anywhere.  Further, the overall cost of IT actually decreased.

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