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Cyber Incident Response Team

With technology in every level of your business, the question isn't IF a cybersecurity breach will happen, but when

Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)

Your focus should be on running and growing your business, not constantly worrying about potential cyber threats that could compromise your valuable data.

ThreatRespond 365 is designed to ensure you’re prepared in the face of disaster. Our service provides rapid response to any potential cybersecurity incidents, allowing you to confidently leverage technology for your business without the constant fear of cyber-attacks.

ThreatRespond 365 has your back

Our dedicated Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) is your frontline defense against cyber threats, offering a comprehensive approach to compromise & incident management.

Only 16% of organizations compromised by a ransomware attack were able to recover 100% of their data.

Looking for round-the clock coverage in the event of an incident?

Our incident response process is your assurance of comprehensive coverage

Ready when you need us most

When every second counts, our specialized engineers are ready to drive containment, eradication, and remediation efforts for your organization.

Drastically Reduce Recovery Time

Our rapid response capability drastically reduces your time to recover, limiting damage and operational interruption.

Post-Incident Support and Prevention

We provide detailed post-incident analysis and reporting, offering actionable insights to fortify your defenses against future threats. As well as working with your insurance and forensic firm.

When disaster strikes, having a robust backup solution can be the difference between a quick turnaround and a prolonged, costly interruption. By integrating ThreatRespond 365 with Backup 365, your business gains an added layer of protection, allowing you to resume operations swiftly and with confidence, even in the face of catastrophe.

Experienced a Breach?

Business Email Compromise

Navigating through a sea of Phishing attacks, SPAM, and Junk Mail can be a difficult task. Recognizing the differences among these threats is often grueling, and without email threat protection, the experience can become significantly worse. Once your email is compromised, the risk level skyrockets.

The experienced members of our Cyber Incident Response Team have a comprehensive understanding of such threats to revive your compromised company email & implementing solid protections to avoid future attacks.

Microsoft 365 & Azure Compromise

Your business relies on cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Azure.  A compromised cloud login can lead to a massive breach, exposing your network to numerous malicious activities. However, there's no need to lose sleep over this.

Our Cyber Incident Response Team at GI possesses the expertise to swiftly & efficiently handle these situations, aiding your business in recovery and securing your operations. We're here to ensure that your business stays safe, secure, & successful.

Ransomware & Network Compromise

Ransomware is a major threat to businesses. With just a few clicks, this malicious software can infiltrate your network, wreaking havoc & potentially cost you in financial losses. Know that there's a solution at your fingertips.

General Informatics' Cyber Incident Response Team is ready and equipped to help your business face & conquer this threat. We understand the enormous risk ransomware poses, and we're committed to not just stopping the threat, but helping you recover & secure your data. 

Don't be caught off-guard when disaster strikes

Let's Secure
your future

Let us be your partner in navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape, where your peace of mind is our utmost priority.

Ready to take the next step? Fill out the form or call us at  888.349.8766 to get started with a tailored incident response solution. 

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Meet Our CEO & President

Don Monistere

Don Monistere is an Entrepreneur, Published Author and Accomplished Executive.

Monistere is the CEO and President of General Informatics. Monistere joined the General Informatics team in 2020 and has been actively growing its reach since. General Informatics is one of the fastest growing IT services providers in the Southeast and is considered the leading IT partner for businesses, schools, government agencies, and for the financial and maritime industry.


ThreatRespond 365 Cyber Incident Response Team

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