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Custom Application Provides Fast and Accurate Results for Housing Corporation

Sometimes pre-packaged, generic software just doesn’t offer the functionality needed to complete certain workflows or business needs.  Read below to see how General Informatics’ software engineers built a custom application to do all that and more.

  • Client: Louisiana Housing Corporation’s mission is to grant every Louisiana resident an opportunity to obtain safe, affordable, energy-efficient housing. Their team needed a secure interface allowing housing developers to submit funding applications and administration to review, score, and award them.
  • Need: After consulting with the client, our team determined that a custom application best suited their needs. General Informatics developed a .NET web application to manage a very specific workflow and complex scoring structure.  The custom application also remains flexible enough to be updated when yearly statutes dictate that changes are required.
  • Benefit: The overall solution makes the submission and scoring of the application faster and more accurate for the Louisiana Housing Corporation team. Additionally, the application includes XML export functionality allowing it to interface with external software.

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