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2022 CU Intersect

Build Your Business Through Technology

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De-risking, risk shifting and risk avoidance. Which approach is the best?

De-risking in 2014 was often looked at as de-banking with concerns of anti-inclusionary practices, but what is the right approach to risk in this predatory type of environment?  We will discuss how Credit Union’s should be approaching Risk.

Monistere | GenInf
Don Monistere

CEO & President, General Informatics

Jason James

CIO/CISO, General Informatics

Events | GenInf
General Informatics will be participating at the CU Intersect Conference.

Achieving cyber resilience requires institutions to acknowledge that a multi-departmental approach which engages security, technology, risk, and leadership teams is required.  The CU Intersect conference is focused on the intersection where these disciplines converge and is committed to advancing cyber resilience of our nation’s credit unions and their strategic partners.

General Informatics is excited to announce our participation at CU Intersect. We will have our own booth to show you our exciting new products and services. We will also be presenting during one of the Expo’s breakout sessions.

Events | GenInf

Join GI at CU Intersect

JULY 18-20

Stop by our booth or attend our breakout session to learn about how General Informatics services can help your business!

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