SDWAN as a Service

Simplify & Automate Your Network

General Informatics Software-Defined Approach to Managing the WAN

Traditional vs. SD-WAN

Traditional WAN (wide-area network) function was to connect users across multiple locations to applications hosted on servers in the data center. Dedicated MPLS circuits were typically used to provide a reliable connection.  However, this does not work on a cloud-based network.

SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area-network) uses software-defined network technology, such as communication over the internet, using encrypted overlay tunnels.  Traffic is routed based on application policies and directly to the cloud, reducing latency.

Improve your security & productivity

General Informatics can assist you with upgrading your network.  Allow our team to evaluate your network infrastructure and develop a project plan that meets your business needs.

Key Advantages Include
  • Simplify operations with automation and cloud-based management.
  • Dynamically provision bandwidth by priority.
  • Allows for multiple connection types.
  • Offers scalability for your business growth.
  • Reduces the dependency on hardware.
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Meet Our CEO & President

Don Monistere

Don Monistere is an Entrepreneur, Published Author and Accomplished Executive.

Monistere is the CEO and President of General Informatics. Monistere joined the General Informatics team in 2020 and has been actively growing its reach since. General Informatics is one of the fastest growing IT services providers in the Southeast and is considered the leading IT partner for businesses, schools, government agencies, and for the financial and maritime industry.


SDWAN as a Service

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