Managed Cloud Services

Providing On-demand availability with secure reliability.

GI’s cloud services eliminate the need for expensive, on-premises hardware and replaces it with remote, scalable, high-performance solutions.

Server 365

Backed by a full team of IT experts, Server 365 keeps your data secure — no matter where your team works. Perfect for the customer who is sharing files or running applications that are 100% cloud friendly.

Backup 365

Backup 365™ provides the confidence that your data is protected in an emergency & provides disaster recovery options when needed.

Phone 365

Upgrade to the #1 Cloud Phone System for Business with Phone 365 — and save big on your phone bill.

Microsoft 365

Wherever your people are, they can get to—and work with—the files and tools they need to get things done.

SDWAN as a Service

General Informatics software-defined approach to managing the WAN and controlling your costs.

DNS 365

A cost-effective failover mechanism that allows you the ability to elegantly shift from one internet provider to another, keeping your team productive.

Advanced Email

ThreatWatch 365™ Advanced Email provides comprehensive phishing protection and reduces risks from malicious links.

Website 365 - Web 365

Website 365 & Web 365 provides secure hosting for all your websites & applications, plus optional extras like SSL certificates & domains.

2 Factor & Always On VPN

For secure connections to your network and applications, GI can provide the tools you need for compliancy.

Mobile Device Managment

Mobile Devices are just as critical to your day-to-day business, learn how GI can provide security and reduce risk.

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Meet Our CEO & President

Don Monistere

Don Monistere is an Entrepreneur, Published Author and Accomplished Executive.

Monistere is the CEO and President of General Informatics. Monistere joined the General Informatics team in 2020 and has been actively growing its reach since. General Informatics is one of the fastest growing IT services providers in the Southeast and is considered the leading IT partner for businesses, schools, government agencies, and for the financial and maritime industry.


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