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  • Client: Well-Ahead Louisiana is an initiative started by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals aimed at improving the health and wellness of Louisiana residents. As their mission and organizational purpose continued to grow, their team wanted to launch a new site. Their overarching goal was to a create a larger database of resources for visitors, this included a WellSpot Map, Community Guide, and Event Guide.
  • Need: Our team worked with their staff to develop a structure for the site that would be easy for visitors to navigate and search through these resources. The overall design of the site features an airy color palate, clean design, and use of corresponding imagery and icons for program sectors. A large portion of the resources that they offer were developed by our team and allow visitors to find Well-Ahead certified resources throughout the state.
  • Benefit: The Well-Ahead initiative is widely growing, as is their resources and mission. General Informatics continues to work with their team to keep the sites design and functionality in check, ensuring visitors are always able to find what they need.