Outsourced IT Department or IT Services – Rightly Managed

An entire team of professionals @ costs lower than a part time employee

What about Servers, Software, Network, Firewall, etc. ?

We include it  or you can use yours: whatever makes more sense!

Companies from 10 employees to 500 employees use and love Totalcare™ everyday and for a good reason: For over 15 years, we have run 100's of Servers and 1000's of Desktops across dozens of companies and have created standards and best practices all of which make up the Totalcare™ services portfolio.


Totalcare™ - The #1 Managed IT Services program in the nation:

Starts with understanding your business goals and immediate IT needs.

We build a strategic IT Master plan that can assist your core business. We plan an annual IT budget, a hardware refresh plan, software upgrades and any tax plans or grants that can help. We work with the current IT leadership to evaluate support structure. We explore alternates and see how IT organization can deliver better value.

KPI's are established to ensure a system is created to constantly evaluate the IT department's performance.  Control and feedback mechanisms are created that include monthly performance reports and user feedback.

Comprehensive evaluation of all vendors and spend to maximize value for your business.

A detailed assessment is done of Internet bandwidth providers (ISP), telecom providers such as AT&T etc. along with an analysis of total monthly company spend on such services. Existing contract are evaluated to find possibilities of reduction in monthly bill.

The Web domain registrar information is verified and owner control is established.

Assuring a reliable Network to step up productivity.

A detailed evaluation of IT infrastructure that includes physical network across one or more sites, evaluation of network switches, routers and wireless access points is conducted.

Assess the age and quality of hardware including server, desktops and software versions. Identify the strengths, gaps and start to form a plan as part of long term strategy.

Physical Infrastructure management

Physical Cabling inspection, wireless access point evaluation and site to site VPN access bench marking. Power conditioning and UPS monitoring and management.

Risk Management through Multi-layer defense

Comprehensive Security evaluation and implementation. Starts with Secure domain filtering in cloud. Includes Firewall evaluation, next generation deep packet inspection. Comprehensive content analysis. Virus, crypto, spam and malware stoppage. SIEM implementation with active monitoring. Firmware upgrades.

Server and Data Management

Server and Storage implementation, management and administration whether on-site, in-cloud or hybrid. Determination of best mix of services and location for performance and mechanics. Automatic scaling and load evaluation with redundancy of every aspects help companies get out of the rut of constant upgrades or obsolesce.

Never lose Information - Guaranteed through Backup 365

With Offsite backup for catastrophic situations, On site back for business continuity and mobile documents backup in cloud there is a guarantee that no file or document will ever be lost. With 100s of backups and yearly archiving of data state a business can recreate any document from years ago and stay in legal compliance.

User Accounts management and Security administration

Secure sharing of information with only those who need access is foundation of an organization. Shares creation to represent proper organizational hierarchy and ongoing administration of security on files and folders, email distribution groups and Roles administration in various Line of business applications. Remote access permisions and auditing of information access is part of the service portfolio.

PC Setup and standardization

New PC setup and ongoing maintenance is an important function. A standardized setup with right versions of software ensures uniformity and compatibility across business. Regular patching of software bugs and security holes is handled automatically in the background. PCs are protected by GI provided anti-virus and anti-malware software with daily updates and checks. Temp file cleanup and optimizations result in optimum speed and performance.

Software program installation, keeping up to Date & troubleshooting

Software application procurement, installation, license management and update is pro-actively performed. End user help and training for higher productivity is provided. Evaluation of  alternative software and consulting is also available.

Pro-Active application maintenance and security like Clock work

Pro-active tasks are performed to ensure employee productivity remains high. Proactive patching of software. Proactive updates on anti-virus. Proactive checks on UPS. Proactive drive and computer replacement. Everything moves on a schedule that works for the user - whether it has to be done at midnight or on a weekend!

Multi-tier security from Cryptolockers & Viruses

Protection from Viruses, Cryptolockers, Nigerian & IRS email spams with a multitier defense. Starting with using premium DNS service, Multi tier Artificial inelligece based email filtering and  Next gen network perimeter filtering with upto the minute signatures defend the IT infrastructure even before data enters the network. On the PC itself multiple software protects execution of any malaicious program and runs nighlty scan to identify any dormant threats.

Controlling printing costs & Document Scanning

Managed print services provide visibility and control into printers, copiers and MFP real costs. All ink, consumables, maintenance is included. Since printer copiers are managed by same team the resolution is faster and there is no finger pointing.

Local Engineers a phone call away

24/7/365 US based local HelpDesk manned with well trained and professional engineers. typical time to talk to talk to our engineer under 30 seconds. Best of all if they can't help remotely, someone can be at your site within the hour. In 100% of the feedback our Clients loved our engineers and always give them a 100% score!

In-person communications to better align with your goals

Bi-monthly feedback from our clients ensure that our services are aligned and up to the mark to what our clients actually need. This feedback is used to financially reward good engineers there by ensuring that everyone internally understands that client service is priority #1.

Integrating Phone System with IT for best results

Modern Telephones systems are essentially specialized computers. We design, install and manage the appropriate phone system whether it be Shoretel, Microsoft Lync or our SMB 365 system. The integration results in ability to dial from within Outlook or a called ID showing complete contact info on computer automatically. Advanced systems enable that one phone number works from office, home or vacation seamlessly.

High End phones included

Feature rich yet easy to use HD phones are included with telephony option of 365. Enterprise level high end but easy to use phones are available using Shoretel system installed on site or 100% in cloud.

Email and sharing powered by Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 based email with unlimited storage is included wth 365 system. Email, calendar schedule and contacts stay in sync across pc/mac/phone and browser. Data is safe and never dependent on a device.

Personal files are saved in Cloud and available anywhere anytime across any device safely. Pooled storage with 1000Gb  per user is included.

User Training to maximize effectiveness of technology

Most overlooked aspect of business productivity is user training. We train users in basic productivity applications both in person and through computer based training as part of TotalCare. For advanced training we partner for training companies and make recommendations to management where we observe a gap.

Video and Audio Conferencing included across PCs and Phones

For Multi site companies and for those with remote users Video conference can bring everyone together and save on the cost of travel. We setup and support Microsoft Skype for business based communications by default. For conference room to conference room we setup single button video conferencing using Polycom systems.

FREE Website hosting included for your company

Web site hosting is included and so is basic web site setup. Includes domain registration and maintenance along with full DNS management. We assist in aquiring extra domain names. For advanced website development we  partner with design firms to create professional websites for our clients.

Next Gen - VPN-less Direct connection to office all the time

Seamless enabling of remote users to connect and work with the best technology. We use VPN and the modern VPN-less Direct Access to connect users to network. Depending on applications we use RDP or LogMeIn and allow any device to work as full fledged PC remotely.

Video Security and Intelligent surveillance

Video surveillance using HD resolution and digital intelligence using the existing network infrastructure. Reduces cabling costs and enables business processes. Range of high end cameras and value storage and management of video footage.

Quarterly or Annual reviews and budget planning

Annual or quarterly reviews as the needed be to measure technology progress. High level communications and goal setup for the IT organization to help move the company forward. This is addition to monthly technical and executive reports.